Epson projector fuse

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Epson projector fuse

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epson projector fuse

Exhibits Decades of experience will make sure all you worry about are the visitors to your booth. Installations From LED to lighting, we'll make yours memorable.

See all projects. A Trusted Partner You dream big, Fuse makes it happen. Your plans. Contact Us. Chicago Foster Ave. Los Angeles Cohasset St. Atlanta Nancy Hanks Dr.This is an instructable for how to repair an Epson VS projector when one of the temperature sensing thermistors stop working.

The projector goes into an overheat protection cycle, where after running for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, the bulb shuts off and all three fans ramp up to maximum speed. The fans stay on for about 2 minutes then the projector shuts down. During this, the red "temp" light flashes. This is not a plugged air filter! Epson's online help for a case like this places the blame on the user and poor maintenance. Some users have plugged air filters, and when the filter is cleaned, the problem is corrected.

This is a manufacturer's defect, tiny cheap sensors. Epson's website does direct you to an "Authorized Service Center" but the website would not load for my region. I don't think service is a real priority for Epson.

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The key here is the unit is not overheating, the bulb has been on for only moments, and the unit is cold. This is a failed thermistor sensor, which shuts down, and renders the whole projector useless. Instead of throwing it out, and buying a new one, we can repair it.

The best option would be to replace the failed sensor with an OEM Epson replacement part. However these are very difficult to find, and expensive. Electrical components are cheap, and this is a cheap fix. This was not the most expensive projector, it was a few hundred dollars on sale.

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But failed temperature sensors seems to be a somewhat common problem on Epson projectors. People are throwing out much more expensive projectors than this one! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. From looking online, all Epsons look alike on the inside. There is a lamp, 3 fans, and 2 temperature sensors some may have 3mirrors, prisms, three LED screens and a lens. I figured, the bulb still worked, and all three fans worked as well, so this must be a sensor problem.

Epson used thermistors to measure the temperature because they are very cheap, and they do a good enough job. A thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance is dependent on temperature. They produce a non-linear reading. When I measured the resistance across the thermistor leads at the connection to the board, I had zero ohms at the intake sensor.

I forget what the measure was at the exhaust thermistor, but it was not zero. A return of zero ohms from a thermistor means infinite temperature.

So the Epson processor must have interpreted this as superheated air entering the fan, and shut down, throwing a temperature alarm. My original plan was to replace the broken thermistor with a working one from my collection of random electrical components. I was concerned this thermistor might be for a very specific temperature range.

I could take a guess at what Epson thought intake air temperature would be. Turns out I couldn't find a thermistor, and at this point I thought this was a long shot anyways, so instead of using a thermistor I took it one step simpler and just used a resistor. I think this one was ohms, another shot in the dark.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts.

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Projectors. Fuse rating in plug.

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Fuse rating in plug. Thread starter sainthalo Start date Oct 29, Fuse rating for your UK projector 1A Votes: 0 0. Total voters 7. They have said that all their projectors have 13A fuses in order to protect the bulb as they do not wish for the plug fuse to blow easily. This makes sense but I have been given other advice on the forum saying this is potentially dangerous. If anyone knows their Sanyo fuse rating, please let me know Regards. Peter Parker Distinguished Member.

Epson Projector Temperature Sensor Repair

Depending on the cable size, if the fuse is too big, the cable could melt before the fuse goes. For example, if the cable is 1mm, then the current rating would be about 8amps maybe I can't remembeer off of the top of my head.

epson projector fuse

If the fuse is rated at 13 and the pj developes a fault that causes it to draw 10 amps, then the cable will melt before the fuse blows. So the fuse should really be rated at just above what the pj takes under normal running conditions taking into account any start-up current it may need, but plug fuses are quite course so don't blow quickly.

Menace Guest. Depends on the make, I have known some projectors to have only a 5a fuse, Strange but true!!! Kramer Guest. Kramer is quite right, there is an internal fuse which is how Sanyo UK explained the projector was protected.

The leadset itself needs protection to to minimise fire. Now some manufacturers use leadsets with 13A plugs. Sanyo told me to use a 13A fuse to protect the lamp if there was a nuisance fuse pop, which makes sense. However someone has just mentioned to check the lead head itself for a moulded fuse rating.

Mine says 7A. If you have a Z3 would be grateful if you could tell me if your plug the part which goes into the z3 itself has any writing on it?

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Adrenochrome Well-known Member. Cheers Adenochrome - thats interesting, 25A! Any chance you could check the actual fuse in the plug sometime and let me know? We obviously have different leads but I just want to check if Sanyo UK's advice was good.

Yep Kramer, Ibe had some lower rating fuses go in a computer extension lead when i plugged my vacuum cleaner in d'oh! I just wanna make sure im not doing anything dangerous. Its been 8 months so far and no fires but you never know and i do leave it plugged in and on all the time. You must log in or register to reply here.For more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read our Privacy Information Statement.

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If the projector is suspended from a ceiling or wall mount and installed in an environment with heavy oil smoke or places where oils or chemicals are volatilized, places where a lot of smoke or bubbles are used for event staging, or where aroma oils are frequently burned, it can make certain parts of our products susceptible to a material degradation which over time could break and cause the projector to drop from the ceiling.

If you are concerned about the environment in which your projector is installed, or if you have any other questions, please contact our support department and they can provide additional assistance.

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Epson Projector Software Solutions. Genuine Projector Lamps. Tech Specs Product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.Having a projector helps your business get more done and gives your clients a better look at what you have to offer. With an Epson projector in place, you can easily show data from your computer, laptop, thumb drive, television or other input device on the wall or screen, helping your customers and would-be customers visualize your products.

Epson projectors are generally quite reliable, but it is important for business owners to know how to fix them when something goes wrong. Look at the indicator lights on the Epson projector. The indicator lights tell you a lot about the unit and help you determine the source of the problem. If you see an orange indicator light, there is a temperature problem. If the light is flashing orange, the unit is becoming too hot, and, when the orange light is steady, the projector has shut down to avoid damage from overheating.

A red light means the lamp is burned out or defective. Check to ensure the projector is not in standby mode if you do not see an image on the screen. Press the standby button to wake up the projector. If the video from your computer is still not reflecting on the projector screen, connect an external monitor to your computer to make sure you have good video from your computer.

If there is good video from your computer, remove the monitor cable from the projector and the PC, and then firmly reattach them. Sometimes the cable comes loose, which causes the projector to lose the signal.

Use the focus feature on the projector if the picture is blurry or unclear. You may need to adjust the focus several times before the picture is right. If you are having trouble with the color on the projector, adjust the color on your computer. If this does not help, remove and then reattach the video cable--when the cable is loose, this causes problems with the display.

Step 1 Look at the indicator lights on the Epson projector.

epson projector fuse

Step 2 Check to ensure the projector is not in standby mode if you do not see an image on the screen. Step 3 Use the focus feature on the projector if the picture is blurry or unclear.I will illustrate it with the pictures taken while I was fixing a certain projector but this model is rare and the idea I want to share with you is general.

Sorry, it's not a real 'instructable'. I can't name the exact steps for your particular projector but the ideology will remain the same for any case. Disclaimer - you are going to work with the device that has several dangerous components: circuit board with live terminals, high-voltage power supply unit, pressurized lamp that can blow up if not handled properly. Think twice and take corresponding precautionary measures to avoid injuries and death : P.

As you can see from the comments in some cases the old lamp may blow up. The safest and most expensive way to avoid this problem is The compromise is to study the construction around the lamp and if it looks weak then one can install a metal mesh screen.

The design is up to you - it should have fine openings and at the same time it should not hinder the cooling. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Let's assume that you own a projector that says that its lamp is to be replaced. There can be two reasons for lamp replacement: 1 The lamp really doesn't work because the electrodes are damaged or there was a leak and the gas inside the lamp has mixed with air or the lamp has blown. These are the real reasons and of course one has to put some light source instead of the one that got damaged.

This will help you to use any light source while the projector will keep thinking that a new lamp was installed. It's the projector that thinks it needs to be replaced. Moreover, it tries to convince you. If you remove the lamp and re-install it, it won't start.

May be it's really worn out? Read the following pages to find out the truth :. In both cases described above the projector won't start since it somehow knows that we try to fool it either by inserting a "wrong" lamp or by re-installing the old one.

How it can be? I can imagine two scenarios.

epson projector fuse

The main board recognizes the signal and doesn't start.There is normally some color shifting between full and eco modes. One might have visibly more red — a lower overall color temperature. If you are looking for great color for home theater, you might want calibrations done for both brightness levels.

But who said there are only two. What gives? In some cases there really are 3 different brightness modes, but more often than not, with a projector with three or four settings, at least one is simply a smarter mode. More below…. In the Home Theater Projector space, however, purchase decsions are more often made primarily around picture quality, and placement flexibility, and many people will choose a less bright projector, if they feel it does a better picture.

As a result, projector brightness is something people grudgingly accept. In terms of lamp life ratings, the amount of brightness drop is not necessarily an indicator of how much the lamp life will increase. More projectors are adding hours to their lives by being smart.

It might get you there, because you forgot to turn off the projector for hours at a time. Most projectors do have some sort of timer or power down option if there is no active source. But dropping down to a really dim image for 6 hours, counts those hours while you are not using the projector.

If operational costs are an issue for you, and you are a heavy users — say hours a year or more, then lamp life and replacement lamp costs can be a significant issue. On some high end names, for the home, such as Runco, SIM2, etc. For you home theater people out there, and expensive lamp is never fun to need.

While lamp life and cost should not be a top selection criteria, you should know what your investment is over time, it may well influence your projector purchase. Advance projector search. There are also manufacturers claiming beyond hours.


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