2306 2400kv

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2306 2400kv

Check out the full list of motors in this series here. Tested KV: kv Weight: This latest motor is designed to meet the economy segment, hitting a significantly lower price point than Emax's other various offerings.

The design is based largely on the LS series motors, with some slight cosmetic changes, and some more significant structural changes. The shaft is a single piece hardened steel shaft with a bolt retainer, and the internal bearings are 9x4x4 class bearings, I think a lesson learned from the issues in the RSII design.

The windings have been epoxied at the base, which is a nice touch. The magnets are square, rather than arc, but have a suitably tight air gap. They also appear to be a bit lower strength than the magnets used in the other Emax lines. Given the target market for these, those changes are not unexpected, and given the typcal application in that market, not likely a problem for the majority of users.

The windings are Emax's typical multi-strand winds. All things taken together, the build quality on these is quite remarkable for the price-point. While the design is definitely a more conservative approach, it is very well executed. Results The results here are an expected match for the fairly conservative design approach, and are probably just about ideal for the intended market. Kv tested a bit lower than stated, coming closer to than kv.

2306 2400kv

Results show decent range of performance, with high efficiency numbers across the board and respecatable performance. While this motor is definitely not at the top of the performance charts for its Kv and stator size, it definitely meets expectations for a modern light-weight motor on pretty much the entire range of props. The conservative nature of the design makes this motor extremely flexible, giving easy control on the lighter torque loaded 5" props and delivering solid power for decent efficiency up into the 6" range.

Taking everything into account, this is a very solid choice for pilots looking for a flexible motor that doesn't break the bank. Testing made possible by generous support from:. Emax has a long history here on the bench, producing a huge range of motors with a variety of performance goals.New customer? Start here.

Armattan SS 2306/2400kv Motor

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Review: Egodrift Atom Bomb Baby 2306 2400KV Motor

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SAR S. JOD J. Add the product s to your cart or wishlist.The differences between and mini quad motors are often discussed. In this article I will share my understanding and experience to help you pick a suitable motor size for your next quadcopter build.

To give you a little technical background, the numbers and are the different stator sizes. The first 2 digits are the stator width, the last two digits are stator height. This makes a more torquey and efficient motor. The motor has 6.

2306 2400kv

For example, the Dragonfly Hurricane is about 32g while the Brotherhobby R5 are about 29g. Assuming all other variables are equal, would have more torque since stator volume is a factor of motor torque. Things like the amount of copper, type of magnet, air gap, stator lamination etc, all play a part in the performance of a motor.

But purely based on the different stator sizes, the general impression is that has more top end power and can change RPM more effective in high throttle range, while gives you more low end throttle response and resolution. The differences between and are very subtle but you can tell they are different if you fly them long enough.

On many motor thrust tests you can see typically draws more current at max throttle and tends to be less efficient than For more experienced pilots, you might notice the subtle differences and IMO the decision comes down to your flying style and setup. If your style is more dynamic and acrobatic, might be a better choice because of the awesome top end power.

✔ Thrust test [stigpppd.pw 2306 2400KV]

The excellent low end control would also work great for tight race courses. Whichever motor you choose, beware that it will impact your prop choice too. It might be able to handle it, but it might draw more current and be less efficient. The weight of the quad also plays a big part. From my observation, is a lot more popular for lighter mini quad below g dry weight?

I really like the Dragonfly Hurricane for its value, and the BrotherHobby R5 for its performance. I always refer to your blogs for its informative content. Best wishes, William Mitchell. Hi oscar new to the hobby also my setup is Lumenier qav-r2 frame Matek f std FC Lumenier 35a 4in1 ESC Caddx eos2 turbo camera R9mm receiver And i just added 3bhobby kv freestyle motors to it My question is what it the best size blade to put on this set up should i put a 4.

The quad is going to be mainly a smooth runner but i want it to pull out of a dive once i get the balls to try flips. Props are so cheap you can try a few different ones.

Maybe the overall wider power zone of is more significant than the RPM at which it works best.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. As of we are still shipping orders as normal. The EMAX series of motors offer some of the highest levels of quality and performance in a motor to-date.

Boasting incredible thrust numbers, with a perfect blend of efficiency, showcases how EMAX is a leader within the FPV community and delivering products that continuously challenge the market with bold new designs. The Limited Edition White motors are only produced in a small batch with the initial product release. Once inventory levels of the Limited Edition White motors are gone, Black versions of the motor will begin to be sold at that point forward.

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More Views. Out of Stock. Description The EMAX series of motors offer some of the highest levels of quality and performance in a motor to-date. Related Products. Customer Services.Check out the full list of motors in this series here. Tested KV: kv Weight: The Emax RS series of motors has been dominating the hobby for the last year. There's not much different here, other than the KV, so lets get right to the results.

Results The most interesting thing here is that, like it's big brother, this one tested lower KV than stated, coming in about kv rather than the stated kv.

Given that finding, the relative efficiency of the results here is not surprising. The lightest prop here delivered over g of thrust at only 24A, but that isn't where this motor really shines. The low KV here really shows its colors when you load it up. The beefy stators and lower KV deliver some serious power on the heavy 5" and light to mid 6" range. The numbers themselves aren't extremely impressive given what we're seeing out of the larger stator higher KV motors, but the amp draw is what really delivers on this motor.

The 6" props continue that trend with the KingKong 6x4 delivering over g of thrust while staying under 40A peak sustained current. That is quite a feat. Very solid performance from Emax here, delivering an excellent freestyle motor with fantastic response charactersitics and amazing torque delivery.

The only draw back of this motor is that the insanely tight air gap and very strong magnets will are likely to cause tuning troubles on some flight controllers that are sensitive to high feedback.

I would recommend doubling up your capacitance with these motors, and taking extra care to make your build as clean as possible, both physically and electrically.

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Given proper care with tuning and build though, these motors will impress. One side note, which I mentioned as well in the kv write-up, double check your screws on the bottom of the shaft.

Make sure to locktite them,and make sure they are not overtightned.

EMAX ECO Series 2306 - 2400Kv Brushless Motor

Overall, another excellent delivery from Emax! Testing made possible by generous support from:. This motor doesn't need much introduction.Note: Please use a heat gun or soldering iron to heat up the screw on your motor before replacing the bell. The factory uses strong loctite to avoi When the Hawk 5 was first unveiled, EMAX revolutionized the drone racing landscape be establishing the optimal specs for a fluid racing experience V2 comes with a new propeller The Avenger line has been reshaped into the new VY series of motors!

EMAX 2306-2400KV RS Special Edition Motor

A great choice for cinewhoop builds, these are available in Kv for 6S These motors use the same durable bell and stator, bu BrotherHobby's motor for the 3" class! Using the same arc magnets found in the larger motors, these little guys are something to fear. These A Popular in their native Germany for producing quality high power quad motors, AMAX offers a variety of micro motors in their signature black and go Lightest motors in the world.

Only 3. This motor was made custom for the Beta75X 2S Whoop. This is the PNP version. Plug and play with your receiver of choice! Tinyhawk II Brushless motor was updated from the original to be lighter weight and gi Only 1. Incredible power, smooth and quiet operation, and light enough for even the smallest builds. Get it while you can!In the box, there are the motor, one black lock nut for propeller, and two sets of black steel M3 motor screws in both 6mm and 8mm lengths.

This should cover the wide variety of frames with different arm thicknesses out there. The motor weighs at With shorter wires, the weight can come down to around g. The magnet choice is listed as N52 on their website, which surprised me because N52 has worse heat property than N52H, and the latter is kind of the standard in mini quad motors. Basically, magnets can slowly lose their magnetism when the motor overheats, and N52H has a higher temperature tolerance than N But after checking with Egodrift, they confirmed it was only just a typo!

The motor bell is supported by a hollow-core steel shaft. The top of the motor propeller mount is textured for a more solid grip in the air. The open bottom design reduces the amount of material used for weight saving, enhances cooling, and makes it easier to clean out dirt. The motor base is also made of aluminium anodized in shiny gold colour to match the top of the bell, with a standard 16x16mm mounting hole pattern.

Simply unscrew the bolt at the bottom, and carefully pull apart the base from the bell with a pair of pliers. While we are here, I measured the bearing size — 9mm x 4mm. You might have noticed the extra long heatshrink at the base about 1. If you use race wiresor those long slim ESC on the arms, you might run into trouble trying to place them closer to the motor.

2306 2400kv

I will be testing and comparing them to the Brotherhobby R6 KV back to back, and report back soon :. Congratulations, you made it to the end of the post and now you have a chance to win some free motors :. Huge thank you to Egodrift for their generosity, they are giving away a set of Atom Bomb Baby Gold Motors to my lovely readers yes, you! Dear friends.

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2306 2400kv

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